I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

Wagon!See that wagon? Yeah, I fell off that.

It happens, right? It's Christmas. And honestly, I got cocky. Last week, I lost 2 lbs., the week before 2.5 and so, since I'm not really doing anything special, I just kept right on not doing anything special. I was eating fairly well, though not my usual "mini-meals", like I used to. I still made decent choices, but ended up having one big meal and then not eating the rest of the time. I was definitely not hitting the cardio like I should have. And my water was way down... the Diet Coke Demons snuck in and possessed me.

Now, I know exactly what I was doing wrong, but at the time, I thought, "Well, I did this last week and I lost weight, so everything is fine!" If I may be so blunt (and I may), that's bullshit. Sure, you may have a splurge week or kind of hem and haw a bit instead of giving it your all and you may lose. But that isn't carte blanche to give up your routines.

It's Christmas time. This is a time of year where you're lucky to maintain, if you don't lose. That's success in itself. I haven't gained any weight, but could just tell emotionally and physically, that I wasn't doing everything I could do for my body.

Remember to try to squeeze a few seconds in for yourself during this hectic holiday time. Don't neglect your work out... it's for YOU, it's not a chore, right? Think of it as private time, time you're doing something good for yourself. Taking a swim in Lake You and all that crap.

Here are a few articles about how to get your ass back on the wagon... because you can do this. You deserve this. The last person you should neglect is yourself.