Secrets of Success

Get Off That!As much as losing weight is physical hard work and commitment, it is hugely a mental game you have to play with yourself. (No, not like that). You have to trick yourself and be sneaky and sometimes that's a hard thing to do. One of the things I needed to train myself to not so is be negative about what I already accomplished even though my goals aren't 100% complete. The thing is, they probably never will be and that's tough to accept. Reminding yourself that you have made great strides in making changes to your life is easier than you might think.

1. Don't weigh yourself everyday. Seriously, get away from the damn scale. This can be a tough habit to break. I know it took some time to make myself not obsess about my weight on a daily basis. Your weight changes day to day, no matter what. It may fluctuate greatly and seeing a higher weight than the day before can mentally be discouraging even though in actuality you may not have really gained weight at all. I limit my scale monitoring to once a week max. Put the scale in a hard to reach place, or hide it. Your progress and dedication will come through in other ways. The number is not as important as how you feel.

2. Take your measurements. If you haven't already, do it now. When you hit a plateau it is so encouraging to see that all the working out you did is actually making a difference. Your actual weight might not be changing but what your body consists of is. Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, people. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat weight the same. A pound is a pound. The difference is that muscle takes up less space in your body than fat. This is why the number on the scale doesn't change, but your body does. Take your fricken measurements!!!

3. Reflect. Listen, this isn't easy we all know it. Whether you are just starting out, are in the middle of your weight loss or are battling the last few stubborn pounds. Make sure to remember why you are doing this. To be healthy, to feel good about yourself and to live your life better. It's easy to let your brain start to bitch slap you. Tell is to shut its goddamn pie hole and reinforce why your doing this.

4. Be good to you! Your doing something great. Don't sabotage it with that triple double venti caramel mocha lard macchiato with whipped cream because "It's so gooood". It won't taste better than fitting your smaller ass into that smaller size pair of jeans. Instead save the $7 and go buy yourself a new lipstick.